Minor Home Repairs

Need Minor Home Repair Work?

When it comes to minor home repairs the multi-talented team at R W Moss Decorators also specialise in repair jobs, home maintenance repairs and total home renovations.  

Home repairs would include repairing of broken windows, pipes and other key areas in your house.  

Minor Home Maintenance Services

".. worked quickly and to a very high standard. I would highly recommend Bob to my friends"

Home repairs can range from easy home repair projects like a door that swings open on its own or a major home maintenance repair to remodelling an entire room. Home repairs maintain your home in good condition. Home maintenance and home repairs services may be arranged via a personal visit, phone, mobile or email. Our home maintenance and home repairs serve to make your home safe and liveable. 

Are you a UK landlord who doesn’t have time to deal with the home maintenance repairs on your properties. Let R.W.Moss Decorating take the hassle out of tenant home repairs and maintenance. Because we specialise in small home repairs, we are able to get to most jobs pretty quickly. There is no need to make several phone calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance repairs and projects. 

External Home Repairs 

We aim to provide your family home or business with handyman services that are truly special. If you are like most of us, there are a number of small home repairs you’d love to take care of, but can never seem to find the time to attend to. Having several small home repairs handled by a single company (with a single "show-up fee") is going to be cheaper and less of a hassle than hiring three or four separate minor home repair specialists.

Domestic Home Repairs 

We complete all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner, making your "To Do" list manageable allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most. We keep homes running smoothly by doing the home repairs, maintenance and improvements busy homeowners don’t have time for. R.W.Moss Decorating are skilled, service-oriented professionals. Some examples of home repairs include repainting your house inside or outside, fixing your gutters or floors, repairing leaks or plastering and replacing broken window panes. Our minor home repair handyman service is covered by liability insurance for your added protection.