Wallpaper Hanging

Wallpaper Hanging - Its an Art!

Successful wallpaper hanging takes good wall prep and some understanding of important basic facts about wallpaper, adhesives, sizing, sealers and cutting/hanging procedures. Wallpaper shrinks, walls are not always square and windows provide an obstacle to quick wallpaper hanging. We cover all aspects of wallpaper hanging from prepping the wall through papering neatly around the light-switch covers.

"Bob has been one of our most reliable contractors for a number of years and we never need to worry about the quality of his work"

Wallpaper Hanging Services throughout Sussex, Surrey, London

R.W.Moss Decorating are painting and decorating contractors specialising in wallpaper hanging and stripping and general painting. We are wallpaper hanging contractors for all of Sussex, Surrey and London suburbs from a single room to a complete building. We have been in the wallpaper hanging business since 1989 and serve the south of England. We offer complete residential and commercial wallpaper hanging services and wall repair.

Wallpaper Stripping

Wallpaper can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of any room. Wallpaper needs to ’relax’ after pasting and before applying to the wall. Wallpaper begins to swell and grow in size as soon as wallpaper paste is added. Wallpaper also contracts slightly as it dries. Wallpaper borders can really add a colourful or distinctive flair to a room. Wallpapers add charm and excitement to any home. Wallpaper needs to ’relax’ after pasting and before applying to the wall. Wallpaper removal with old fashioned scraping will get the job done when using the proper tool and angle. Wallpaper removal products with enzymes make the job much faster and easier. Wallpaper installation is easy to mess up but wallpaper correctly applied can last for a hundred years as can be seen in old Victorian homes.

Well Applied Wallpaper transforms your room

Wallpaper is a neat way to dress up walls with intricate patterns and designs. Wallpaper is a finish product used as an alternative to paint. Your wallpaper can give your room a total makeover. Wallpapering a ceiling can be difficult but, with a good head for heights, and with the right preparation, you can transform your ceiling and the entire room into a work of art. Wallpaper can transform boring to bold, without the expense of custom painting. Wallpaper can lend a touch of class to any home. Wallpaper is the choice of the designers of our highest political offices. Wallpaper patterns can match in different ways. Wallpaper borders are a quick way to add interest and pizzazz to a room. Wallpaper is back in vogue and more popular than ever, especially woven grasscloth.