flame retardant paintNeed a Specialist Pyroshield Coating?

We are a specialist heat resistant painting contractor and Pyroshield Consultant for Dulux Pyroshield Flame Retardant Paint, enabling you to upgrade existing multi-layered paint surfaces and delay the early stages of fire spread buying occupants more time to escape.

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R W Moss are Specialist Painting Contractors For Flame Retardant Coatings

What is Pyroshield Flame Retardant Paint?

Is a flame retardant coating developed specifically to help reduce the rate of fire spread and is suitable for use on previously painted plaster and masonry services? To ensure the correct performance when applied, only a specialist trained in the correct application of fire retardant paint should be used, as this ensures the correct depth and application process has been adhered to in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Why should you use a Flame Retardant Coating system

Flame retardant paint offers you compliance with regulations and classifications.  Building Regulations state that internal linings in buildings should "adequately resist the spread of flame over their surfaces" and if ignited "have either a rate of heat release or rate of fire growth which is reasonable in the circumstances". The specifics of the performance linings exhibit are classified in terms of Class 1 and Class 0, detailed in Approved Document B to the Building Regulations.

The Pyroshield fire retardant paint system helps you to achieve building regulation compliance thoroughly and cost-effectively. Professional application of flame retardant coatings R.W.Moss Decorating has a fully qualified and trained team able to guarantee the correct application of Pyroshield that meets all manufacturers specifications. We have recently undertaken considerable work for M.O.D sites requiring this specialised flame retardant coating in a number of highly sensitive areas and therefore can undertake highly technical commercial painting work to architect and Building Regulations specifications that require a specific flame resistance.

Pyroshield Flame Retardant Paint Availability

Pyroshield Basecoat/ Pyroshield Eggshell/ Pyroshield Matt is a flame retardant basecoat to be used as part of a system for upgrading the reaction to fire surface classification of existing internal finishes. A water-based flame retardant which is resilient and durable. It offers a partial upgrade solution for areas of moderate risk. It gives a water-based flame retardant finish that upgrades surfaces of fire classification from Class 3 to Class O (BS476).

Pyroshield Durable Matt from Dulux Trade special formulation inhibits the spread of flame on previously painted wall and ceiling surfaces. It is a highly durable vinyl matt that is tintable in a wide range of colours.